A unique method of developing the intelligence of children from 5 to 14 years old

Abacus account

The program is based on arithmetic calculations on accounts (abacus). Abacus - ancient Japanese abacus, used as an effective tool for teaching mental counting.

Mental account

In parallel with the abacus account, children master the mental account, only imagining the abacus in their imagination. As a result, the child will be able to count at the speed of a calculator.

Bi - hemispheric thinking

The uniqueness of the technique is that it develops the simultaneous work of two hemispheres of the brain. Using mental counting switches the brain from the left to the right hemisphere.

Comprehensive development

The achievement is not only that the child learns to count quickly. This is only a consequence. Children develop the ability of concentration, imagination and memory.

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Why does my child need Mental Arithmetic?

High speed of oral counting is not the main achievement. This is only a consequence!
Logical and creative thinking

Thanks to the simultaneous development of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, your child will be able to quickly process and perceive information in different ways.

Excellent memory

Solving examples, children develop short–term memory, and memorizing computational formulas - long-term. With mental counting, photographic memory is activated.


As the complexity of tasks increases, the magnitude of the calculated numbers increases, and the child develops the ability to distribute and concentrate attention.

Instant perception

Due to the activation and harmonious development of the two hemispheres, the child's brain is able to assimilate new information instantly and immediately process it.

The result is visible after the first lesson!

How are classes going?

Mini groups

From 6 to 10 children

Classes 1 time a week


The younger group is from 5 to 7 years old

2 lessons of 30 minutes each

Senior group from 8 to 14 years

2 lessons of 45 minutes each

A unique online platform

For fixing

Classes in a playful way

Interesting, fascinating and entertaining

How are we different

Our advantages

With care and love

We always remember about your child outside of classes. We are always ready to help and support, and give your child as much time as it takes for him personally.

Investing in the future

We professionally help the child to form a solid foundation for self-realization in life. Through the harmonious development of the two hemispheres of the brain, a base is created so that the child can quickly and effectively master any other technique.

Unlocking the potential

Our students constantly participate in competitions, marathons and Olympiads, which increases self-confidence and motivates them to new successes.

Work on the result

We have only one school, so we do not put clients "on stream", as it happens in large franchise companies. We treat every child with all our heart and help to achieve maximum results.


Missed classes do not "burn out", but are postponed to the next month.


We are located near the house, so the older children can go to classes on their own.

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The main thing is not to be late! Much of what a child can master in childhood will be inaccessible to him in adulthood. And this technique, unfortunately, is one of them.

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The video shows an ordinary child, not a genius from birth! Come to the trial lesson and we will prove that your child can also!

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Classes are held in the morning, afternoon and evening on weekdays. And there are also weekend groups. We recommend attending classes in the afternoon or in the morning (for those who study in the second shift). Since at this time of day, information is most effectively absorbed and remembered.

In the evening and on weekends, the most complete rest of the brain activity and nervous system takes place. Work at this time forces the brain to work hard, which leads to overstrain and disorder of the nervous system.

You can attend any class by agreeing with the coach in advance. We do not recommend attending the trial and first classes, because the presence of parents makes it difficult for the child to adapt and socialize in new conditions for him.

When you are present at the class, remember, you are only an observer. Try not to distract your child and others from the learning process.

Provided that the child fulfills all the recommendations of the coach, he will count much faster than you, after the end of the first month of classes. After 1-1.5 months, children will be able to simultaneously count and tell a poem. This is an indicator of the simultaneous work of two hemispheres of the brain.

The following discounts apply:

  • -20% on each subscription for two or more children from the same family

It turns out for everyone who studies regularly. The result depends on systematic training, as well as on the timely and high-quality implementation by the child of all the recommendations given by the coach.

The main goal is not a counting system, but the development of your child's brain. After 2-3 months of study, you will notice progress in mathematics, foreign languages and other subjects.

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Where are we?

Georgia, Batumi city, Zhiuli Shartava avenue, N 32